Thursday, December 01, 2005

Beyond Solitude

Beyond Solitude
I cannot forget the solemn face
Nature in its form, nascent
As if you walked straight from a fountain
Hairs waist long,black and shining
Drops of water still clinging
So as not to leave the seat of beauty
Holding on tethers.
My eyes sat unmoving
Thousand suns raced through my veins
When my fingers touched your shapely arms.
True, you looked the other way
But came towards, though haltingly
Your Hands gradually tilting upwards
Till entwined around my neck
As if a creeper thirsty of love
Climbs strong trunk of a tree.
Let us go to the confines of the cave
To ward off prying eyes of sun
So that imprints of nascent love
Is not carried beyond the solitude.
Laljee - Verma
Copyright ©2005 Laljee - Verma


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